Thursday, 9 November 2017

Korean Dosirak Lunch

Annyeonghaseyo Jeremiah eyo bangowoyo, hi my name is Jeremiah

On Wednesday/ yesterday the senior classes and one junior class enjoyed the delicious Dosirak lunch cooked specially for us from a chief called Michel Choi from Auckland University. I was one of the helper to serve the food to the students from other classes. My first expression of the food was like traditional food like Kim chi and more. The food that we got were Korean sushi, soy milk, rice balls coated with sushi but my favourite one was the chicken because it was really tasty and it reminded me of teriyaki chicken and rice from the Japanese sushi store in Lynn Mall.

Annyeon (bye in Korean)

Friday, 27 October 2017

language features

Talofa lava bloggers

This week I have been using a range of language features to help make my writing more descriptive. Some language features we have been talking about are similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia. Our class also used present tense and interesting hooks to get the reader to read our writing.

These are two of my favourite sentences from my writing this week

I can smell the most delicious grilled pork ribs from the outside even tho I was inside the mall (present tense)

Woooooohhhhh! As the ice freezing breeze whispered into my ear (interesting hook)

That all for today, bye.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Zoo Trip

Today the whole senior classes went to Auckland Zoo. We were lucky enough to go to the Zoo thanks to Warehouse and Richies for sponsoring. Warehouse paid for our trip to going to the Zoo and Richies gave us a free ride to the Zoo. We learnt about the skull of the Kea and the Blue Duck. We also learnt about native New Zealand birds and we also learnt about lizards. I wanted to see the lions and the tigers because their one of my favourite animals. The best part about going to the Zoo was the tunnels to go see the Meerkats because it was kind of dark in the tunnels. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Digital Footprint

kia ora bloggers
Today we have been talking about digital footprints and how you can monitor your own digital footprint. We pushed CRT+H to access our history. Then we copied our history from over the last 24 hours. Then we pasted it into a word cloud generator. 
The biggest words are the most common words that have shown up in my history. So at a glance you can tell the most commonly visited sites I went on are google docs, google and dictionary.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Egg Day!!!

Today we were lucky enough to have little chicken eggs in our class room. We learnt lots of things before getting the eggs and the incubator and also a brooder. Before getting the chicken eggs, we did an experiment. We putt eggs that we eat in a cup with different types of drinks like coconut water,water,fizzy drinks and also Monster energy drink. The other classes also got and incubator,chicken eggs and a brooder. My favourite part about getting chicken eggs was that we get to see them hatch and also learn about them.   We got chicken eggs because our class was learning about our teeth and what causes cavities and rotten teeth. That's why we did the experiment. here are some photos of the experiment and the chicken eggs.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

King of Pop Footsteps

greetings bloggers

Today we learnt how to dace like Michel Jackson. We got to how to dace like Michel Jackson by a lady who is from footsteps, her name is Kate. She showed us how to do the moon walk and we also learnt how to isolate our heads and shoulders. One thing I found challenging was to do the moon walk. I think we should do more dancing lessons with Kate because it keeps us fit and to get us warmed up every day.

Thank you for reading my new blog post. here is a video of us doing some dancing.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Teaching The Year Juniors in Bishop class

Ola bloggers and welcome back to week two!

Today my class and I worked alongside Bishop class (Year 2/3) as part of a Tuakana/Teina session.

Tuakana means the older person or brother or sister and Teina means the younger person or brother or sister.

First we discussed how to be effective Tuakana. I learned that Tuakana means older person or expert and I also learnt what Teina meant.

The biggest challenge I came across was telling the Teina how to use stop go animation because it was their first time using stop go animation.

Next week I am looking forward to see Rimati and Raiha and see what they learnt from this week.